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Three New Series On DVD

September 19th 2014 02:43
cedar cove, andie macdowell,dvd

Cedar Cove Season One

Cedar Cove is Hallmark Channel’s first series (13 episodes) ever done. From what I have seen on the DVD, it is well worth the time to watch. One of my favorite actresses of all times, Andie MacDowell (Ground Hog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral) stars in the series.

The series deserves praises for its integrity because of the quality of its substance. However, being a Hallmark production the romance and drama is toned down about 70 percent. The quality of the picture needs improvement. My uneducated guess would say it’s not HD. You can notice the difference if you use a large enough screen.

Based on the book series of the same name, the series ends with a conclusion asking you to return to season 2 to find out what happens. That is fine and typical a series these days. Keep in mind, this is not a Hollywood production. Hallmark operates on a low-budget, but the quality of acting and story back it up.

deadbeat,tv series,dvd,comedy,hulu


Kevin Pacalioglu (Tyler Labine) is a likeable character who seems to charm spirits. He has no money and no clue. Still, he sees dead people. Dealing with constant stream of stubborn spirits, Pac does whatever he can with the least amount of effort to assist New York City’s most frolicsome ghosts. He helps them wrap up their affairs.

The DVD comes with ten episodes produced by HULU as an original series. We have an unlikely hero, who physically is not charming and tends to consume too much pot and lay down jokes without a care for his unique power. So, he is a slacker by trade, but manages to pull things off in each episode despite himself. If you are into this type of storyline, which a lot of people are, then you are in for a treat. The supporting cast is relevant to the storyline and adds a lot to the humor and can boost the viewer’s interest.

The season plays out as an organized system, meaning it is important to see the episodes in sequence. I am not a big fan of these types of television shows, but it proves there is a huge need for content to fill the numerous outlets we have now called media. Hulu and Netflix are promising more productions. I just hope they are better than Deadbeat. Will I have time to watch them? No. That is the crux of too much content and not enough time, and is solved by DVDs on the market and On Demand.

curse of oak island,reality tv, dvd

The Curse of Oak Island Season 1

The Curse of Oak Island is a viewing experience that will captivate you because of the suspense and intensity the show brings to the audience. A reality TV show should keep some folks away, but it will draw your attention because of its true to life mystery. The show is a treasure hunt about buried loot and dreams of wealth beyond any child’s comprehension.

In typical documentary style, without the need for narration, we are place in the story. We see firsthand the successes and failures as the team seeks to discover and find the clues that could lead them to an answer.

We are drawn into the series because of the team’s obsession to discover and find out what has ruined a handful of lives already. The Curse of Oak Island is a good mystery and worth the time to watch.

Perry Mason Movie Collection Vol. 3

September 14th 2014 16:12
perry mason, barbara hale, tv series

Perry Mason Movie Collection Volume 3 continues to satisfy my viewer palate. For about a year or more, CBS Video has been releasing the entire nine seasons of the Perry Mason TV series. That equals 271 episodes. Perry Mason has been one of my family’s favorite television series to watch every week -as our all-time favorite show.

We were never disappointed by the stories because the writing never let us down with first-class acting. There were no handheld camera shots or tight shots of beautiful women. You watch the other crime series today and you will see what I mean. Though, the original Law and Order is of the exception.

dvd,crime series,cindy williams,drama

Some of you may have purchased the Perry Mason Movie Collection Volume 1 and 2, so you know what I am talking about. I hope you intend to purchase the other volumes as well. They are not cheap, but worth the value of good drama and priceless productions.

I was fortunate to be given a copy of Perry Mason Movie Collection: Volume 3. The DVDs are in top quality with six wonderful and brilliant episodes. William R. Moses as PI Ken Malansky is so much fun to watch and see what really good television acting is.

tv show,perry mason,raymond burr

It can’t go without mention that Raymond Burr, who is great in A Place in the Sun with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, and Barbara Hale together have a rapport that can't be reproduce in any other television shows I have seen ever.

Double Feeds Intellect

September 11th 2014 13:53
double,movie,drama,Jesse Eisenberg

This is an odd movie that you can like or not like. It is uniquely told in a rather dark and foreboding way with a touch of humor.

Double is not an easy movie to watch or understand - it is very deep. You need pay attention to what is happening in the movie in order to know what is going on from scene to scene. As a viewer you will need to figure out on your own as to what is happening. The director doesn't spell it out for you. He trusts his audience, which is refreshing. Most movies nowadays spoon feed your intelligence a little too much for my tastes.

Jesse Eisenberg,Mia Wasikowska

Directed by Richard Abvocde, who is a British comedian and television actor in The IT Crowd, with a hefty fan following, Double is his second movie. The movie is interesting and focuses on fears of being overshadowed or replaced in one’s relationship or career.

Richard Abvocde,double,movie,blu-ray

The movie is suspenseful in a quirky way that seems confusing, but I think that was done on purpose. I kept asking myself: What is happening? The movie isn't clear and straightforward. You need to make your own assumptions.

Jesse Eisenberg plays dual roles of Simon James and James Simon. He does a good job of playing the two different characters that are somewhat similar but aren't really. Mia Wasikowska stars in the movie as Hannah. She is great, too, very believable.

Simon James plays a sad introvert and lives alone, being much to himself, even at work. He has been employed for seven years, yet his co-workers are not familiar with him in anyway. He longs for and secretly watches, Hannah, who also works in the same company. Because Simon is so shy, he can't form any serious relationships.

Richard Abvocde,double,movie,blu-ray

His boring life is upended when he meets James Simon, his double. James is an exact physical form of Simon. Yet, James is likable, outgoing, self-indulgent, crafty and a womanizer. From the start, Simon and James have an agreement. Simon helps James improve on in his career while James helps to build Simon's confidence and relationship skills with Hannah. The agreement falls apart as James advances, controls and abuses Simon. He threatens to wipe out Simon's existence completely.

I am not going to you the ending, but I am sure you can figure it out.

Summer in February Filled with Angst

September 7th 2014 20:06
summer in february,brit movie,dvd

I think visual artists will appreciate Summer in February with their experience of creating art. They will understand the movie more than those who don’t. The film is shot beautifully and is interesting to see, but the movie never grabbed my attention. It fell short

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Kid's DVDs Worth Viewing

September 6th 2014 19:35
leap frog,educational dvd,kids,math

[LINK=" factory adventures counting on lemonade

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Words & PIctures

September 4th 2014 01:29
Juliet Binoche,words & pictures,dvd

First of all, I am a big Juliet Binoche fan. She uses the camera brilliantly. Watching her in Words & Pictures reminded me how talented she is with character development and contributing to the story. Binoche is a visual artist and quite successful. All the paintings she does in the movie are her work. I really enjoyed watching her paint. The scene with her on a chair rolling back and forth with white and black paint is like being a fly on the wall and watching a very talented artist work

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Johansson is Under the Skin

August 31st 2014 20:33
under the skin, Scarlett Johansson

A mother of a friend of my daughter did not like Under the Skin. She highly recommended that no one go and see the movie. The reason I remember this is because she was so adamant about how bad the movie had been for her and her husband

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Tyson Shines in Bountiful Trip

August 28th 2014 14:00
Cicely Tyson,trip to bountiful,dvd

The central character in "The Trip To Bountiful" is a high-spirited old woman with hopes of having one last visit to her family home before she passes. She is overflowing with longing and residing in a touchy living arrangement with her son and his overbearing wife

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The Quiet Ones

August 24th 2014 00:54
the quiet ones,horror,dvd,movies

I am not a horror fan, but love movies the The Sixth Sense or The Others. The Quiet Ones comes close to these two movies but is still a horror movie. The movie is based on a true story and is entertaining

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Eric Roberts in Sector 4

August 22nd 2014 13:54
eric roberts,sector 4,army movie

The DVD cover says “They follow orders…their own,” which is hard to believe in a military film, but who is to disagree. They are carrying massive guns and are ready to kill

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