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Step Up, All in

January 23rd 2015 05:22
step up all in,dance movie,blu-ray

I am more familiar with traditional dances like ballet, tap and modern jazz. Watching ballet move fluidly to the classics like Giselle or Swan Lake entertains me. Step Up, All In is far from a classic ballet. Step Up is more like dancers competing in a UFC match.

The movie brings many Step Up cast members together. Two previous main stars become the new love interest. They have a heck of a time making their relationship work. At the end, they dance like they have never had known they could dance so well. Their love wins out.

If you have seen any of the Step Up movies, you will be familiar with the character Moose played by Adam Sevani. He has been in 4 of these movies. His acrobatic dance skills, most likely, brought him back to the movies where he dances just about all the main performances. Moose is solidly involved in the story this time. Alison Stoner has been in three of the movies and plays his girlfriend. If you recognize Briana Evigan as Andie in this movie, it is because she is from Step Up 2. The Blu-ray copy I viewed has her teamed up with director Trish Sie on the commentary.

Like the other Step up movies dancing groups battle against each other with Step Up All Stars vs. The Mob! In the end, the battle comes together as one heroic performance, nothing like traditional dancing.

The dance scenes start mediocre and improve each time building up to a momentous ending that brings the house down. Do I recommend the movie? My immediate answer is “No” because, like I said, I favor traditional dancing styles not hyped, strutting, flame throwing dances. Otherwise, if you are a Step Up fan, then you will definitely want to watch this movie.

The Blu-ray has other great features as well. They include Deleted Scenes, more Dance Scenes, Featurettes and Special Dance as a surprise.

In Search of Aliens

January 20th 2015 02:26
roswell,loch ness,altantis,nazca

If you have watched most of the Ancient Aliens first series, no doubt you will look forward to a chance at this DVD – In Search of Aliens, Season One. It will take you at least two nights to view the first season. When you reach the end of the season, you, most likely, will want to start over again.

The series follows Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as he explores the world’s most ancient mysteries. We discover the hunt of Atlantis, the mystery of Loch Ness, the Roswell Rock and other geological connections between locations on the planet.

Idiotically, the DVD is great fun and the quality of the production is really good. Though you may notice some rehashing of the first series, they simply reused short clips with professional quality graphics.

Like their other series, you will learn something new. Plus, ten bonus pieces, never seen before on TV, are added to the DVD. If you are fan, you will want more, hoping for Season Two.

The Prince

January 19th 2015 18:58
the prince,bruce willis,cusack,patric

Watching The Prince pained me a bit because there was no story. We have three fine actors: Jason Patric, John Cusack and Bruce Willis. Their characters are flat as the plains in Mississippi. Not one single arc is evident in story. None of the characters change, at best, the bad guys get killed.

Paul, played by Patric, appears to be a loving father whose daughter has gone to the darkside of New Orleans. New Orleans just happens to be where Paul left his darkside and must now return to save his daughter.

Daughter like father?

This is a movie where so much could happen, but doesn’t. Sure the story has been done before, and it still doesn’t work. It’s good to see Patric in a film. I just wish it had been a better one.

The director of this movie could learn from other similar plots like the Taken franchise. The producers tried to save it with a photo and newspaper montages at the beginning, but it does come across well. Give the audience just a tad more of an arc in the overall story, and we’d have a movie worth seeing.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

December 25th 2014 00:55
grumpy cat,christmas movie,dvd,

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever is a perfect movie to watch on Christmas Eve or anytime during the holidays. Some may even watch movie every year until they can no longer breathe. That's right. Aubrey Plaza's flat and caustic voice is perfect for the constant frowning, smart and sarcastic Grumpy

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Birds of Paradise

December 16th 2014 03:24
brids of paradise,kids movies,dvd

I heard many positive reviews and feedback about Birds of Paradise. I decided to watch the movie and couldn’t wait. However, getting a copy of the DVD was not an easy task because of the movie’s popularity. After viewing the movie, I can say it was better than I thought it would be

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Women of the Bible

December 15th 2014 04:16
women of the bible,dvd,christmas,movies

The Women of the Bible is a great DVD set. Finding DVDs that tell Christian stories from the bible brings the heart of Christmas to us all

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The Hero of Color City

December 14th 2014 21:53
hero of color,kids movie,dvd,crayons

The Hero of Color City is a fun animated feature worth watching with the kids in mind. You can find the DVD in Target stores, making it a great holiday gift. The warmhearted movie focuses on playthings called crayons. They come to life and face their fears while adventuring in the magical land of colors

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December 14th 2014 16:08
ragnarok,norway film,viking,dvd,family

Ragnarok means Viking lore or mythology stemming from the era of judgment or apocalypse

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Asian Films Kick

December 4th 2014 02:39

Fitness DVDs for Gifts

December 2nd 2014 02:31

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