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Thriller & Horror from the Womb

September 30th 2014 01:07
rosemary's baby,miniseries,dvd,horror

Rosemary's Baby

The remake of Rosemaryís Baby is a movie to appreciate very much. Starting with a modern take on the original, you need to understand the original (or should I say classic) version is by far the best. The newest version has diversity. French culture with a black and white couple is easy to fathom compared to when the original was produced.

Evil is brought to life in this psychological thriller starring Zoe Saldana (Avatar) and Patrick J. Adams. Based on the best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin, Rosemary's Baby also stars starring Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter).

Set in present-day France, Rosemary's Baby focuses on a young married couple that escapes New York and moves to Paris with hopes of leaving their sad past behind them. After a series of unfortunate events, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are presented with an offer they can't refuse - an apartment at the most prestigious address in the city. Problem is, it comes with a haunted past, and an immeasurable price.

The villains in this movie were not as sinister as villains in the original. Guy appears supportive, which gave what Rosemary needed. Margot is a true manipulator, sugary through and through. Romanís version had the acting more realistic and better in some areas. The characters seemed more real. Guy clearly a scoundrel that John Cassavetes was wonderful and excellent at portraying a real damming man.

The latest version has Guy holding lot of guilt with modern Rosemary being more trusting and easily deceived. She had the situation figured out in about ten minutes. The original Rosemary was not as sharp. It took her more time to figure out what was happening. Though the newest version stands out, I have to side with Romanís style. He gives you a full and complete movie.

delivery the beast within,horror,dvd

Delivery: The Beast Within

I sat down to watch this movie not expecting much anything. My point of view was corrected at the very beginning with premise of the film focusing on a reality TV show following a couple who are expecting their first child. The movie comes across as an actual documentary. The movie offers interviews and other footage that creates a very real and foreboding circumstance.

Like most reality shows, the beginning are slow to start, but increments of the creepy aspect of the horror movie begins to show rather nicely. The scary chill slowly crawls up your spine with no jump scares that are otherwise so typical of horror films. The acting kept the movie in good rapport with me as the segments seem downright uncanny. Still, the main characters seemed very real with Kyle the overstressed husband and Rachel the cranky pregnant lady.

The ending is a bold move, but should receive kudos from horror fans. I just have to say it was shocking with a twist. Intellectually written and well acted, I have to say you need to watch the movie and make no judgments until the end.


Petals on the Wind

September 28th 2014 20:41

The movie Petals on the Wind is the second adaptation of a series based upon the V.C. Andrews books about the Doppleganger family. The movie is somewhat better than Flowers in the Attic (first in the series).

Cramming the entire book into two hours is a bit tough for the producers, and it shows in the movie. The story covers the most important parts of the story, and if you find the trailer, you will know what happens in the movie.

If you are not a reader, and you just watch the movie, take note the story involves incest between the two main characters. The incest is a huge part of the book series, so obliviously had to stay in the movie

The Lifetime network is promoting and promising more movies following this one based on the next two books: If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday.

The movie starts 10 years after the children (Cathy, Chris, and Carrie) leave the attic. They escaped from a horrible situation. Cathy, the dancer is strong, persuasive and strong-minded to get the justice that is due. Chris, the doctor is tacit, handsome and faithful to Cathy. Carrie is sugary, needy and bewildered.

All three discover a better life that includes careers at the home of a caring stranger. Still, they know they will never be able to forget what happened to them. They fight forbidden feelings, guilt, deep anger and unending pain. Cathy promises to put an end to the mother, who ruined them and, basically, threw them away.

Favreau's Chef Leaves You Satisfied

September 27th 2014 22:00
chef,Jon Favreau,dvd,movie,drama

Chef is about Carl Kasper (Jon Favreau). Carl is a celebrity chef at a high-end restaurant owned by Riva (Dustin Hoffman). Carl isnít doing too well because of a terrible review from the city's most important food critic (Oliver Platt).

Carl starts a Twitter war that escalates while he is forced by Riva to keep to the old menu and not change a thing. He decides to quit, or he was fired, and needs to figure out another way to keep his creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

chef,Jon Favreau,dvd,movie,blu-ray

An important part of the story is Carlís son, Percy (EmJay Anthony). Percy is not happy that his parents are divorced. He really needs his fatherís attention, so the story plays out in the movie quite well and is enjoyable to watch.

Favreau co-writes, co-produces, stars and directs Chef, which is a far cry from his huge studio movies such as Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He, also, brings in an all-star cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Sofia Vergara (as Carl's former-wife) and Scarlett Johansson (hostess of the former restaurant). Hands down, the most noticeable performance shines from EmJay Anthony, a newcomer. His role pulls at your heart strings.

chef,Jon Favreau,dvd,movie,family

The movie is about a father-son relationship, and the second part of the movie is Carlís misgivings on his past attitude and behavior as a father and husband. And, I loved listening to the music. Like all sound tracks, it plays an important role in the movie. I really enjoyed Cuban music from performers like Roberto Roena and Perico Hernandez. Their band even performs in the movie along with an appearance of Gary Clark Jr.

chef,Jon Favreau,dvd,movie,family

Carl restores a broken-down food truck christened El Jefe, and serves Cubanos, a Cuban sandwich. After a few hit and misses, Carl determines to drive the food truck across the country, back to L.A., doing business on the way to California. The movie becomes a road trip. Percy talks his dad in to letting him go with him, and their relationship grows stronger even more.

chef,Jon Favreau,dvd,movie,best

I have to admit the movie is one of the best so far this year. Itís refreshing to see a movie about relationships with the soul learning and growing to new heights. The movie is without special effects at all. I highly recommend the DVD-Blu-ray. The movie leaves you satisfied.

Three New Series On DVD

September 19th 2014 02:43

Perry Mason Movie Collection Vol. 3

September 14th 2014 16:12
perry mason, barbara hale, tv series

Perry Mason Movie Collection Volume 3 continues to satisfy my viewer palate. For about a year or more, CBS Video has been releasing the entire nine seasons of the Perry Mason TV series. That equals 271 episodes. Perry Mason has been one of my familyís favorite television series to watch every week -as our all-time favorite show

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Double Feeds Intellect

September 11th 2014 13:53
double,movie,drama,Jesse Eisenberg

This is an odd movie that you can like or not like. It is uniquely told in a rather dark and foreboding way with a touch of humor

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Summer in February Filled with Angst

September 7th 2014 20:06
summer in february,brit movie,dvd

I think visual artists will appreciate Summer in February with their experience of creating art. They will understand the movie more than those who donít. The film is shot beautifully and is interesting to see, but the movie never grabbed my attention. It fell short

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Kid's DVDs Worth Viewing

September 6th 2014 19:35
leap frog,educational dvd,kids,math

[LINK=" factory adventures counting on lemonade

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Words & PIctures

September 4th 2014 01:29
Juliet Binoche,words & pictures,dvd

First of all, I am a big Juliet Binoche fan. She uses the camera brilliantly. Watching her in Words & Pictures reminded me how talented she is with character development and contributing to the story. Binoche is a visual artist and quite successful. All the paintings she does in the movie are her work. I really enjoyed watching her paint. The scene with her on a chair rolling back and forth with white and black paint is like being a fly on the wall and watching a very talented artist work

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Johansson is Under the Skin

August 31st 2014 20:33
under the skin, Scarlett Johansson

A mother of a friend of my daughter did not like Under the Skin. She highly recommended that no one go and see the movie. The reason I remember this is because she was so adamant about how bad the movie had been for her and her husband

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