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Mad Men Final Season - Part 1

October 26th 2014 19:53
mad men,part 1,final season,blu-ray

Mad Men is a well produced show on AMC, and it is coming to its final season. Most of the series can been see on Netfix. That was where I first saw the show. I watched the first episode, pulled into the story and very interesting to say the least. Furthermore, I listened to the sound track way before I saw the series and liked it as well.

Mad Men is an award winning show with a strong following. I am sure the followers will miss it once the last show airs. Even though the viewers want to know what happens to Don Draper, it will be a sad good-bye.

The final season is being split in half. Not a happy move for viewers I a sure. It reminds me of Starz Outlander series being split in half with a 6-month wait. I can’t help but speculate that it is all for money. Today, I have the Mad Men Final season part 1 Blu-ray. I know part 2 will come on its heels after airing on AMC. With that, the producers are making double the money on the Blu-ray releases.

Clearly the final season is one of the more agreeable seasons; so far, we have the final half coming. I am not quite counting on a complete success until I see the final half. From this advantage point, I predict Mad Men will end with a satisfying close, which I am excited to see because the writing on this season is the best so far.


The Complete Series: Annie Oakley

October 25th 2014 21:30
annie oakley,dvd,western,tv series

In 1950’s, kids used to watch Saturday morning TV shows. Some of those shows were old westerns.The Complete Series: Annie Oakley was one of those shows. It is a great DVD set to have in your library today. The DVDs offer a simpler time when television was down-to-earth and unabashed for wholesome programming. This one is a little unique because it has heroine who saves the west.

By looking at the cover you can see Annie Oakley is nothing but pigtails and pistols. It makes for a nice formula for one of the 1950's more unusual Westerns. Gail Davis plays the five-foot-two, 95 pounds, darling yet tough Annie. She was a crack shot and took on the badmen around her town of Diablo, where she lived with her kid brother, Tagg. She did have a boyfriend, but it was clear in the series, a strapping Deputy Lofty Craig. Annie's uncle, Luke MacTavish, was the town sheriff. Co-starring were the horses--Annie's Target and Tagg's Pixie.

western,annie oakley,tv series,dvd

Gene Autry discovered Davis and featured her in over a dozen of his movies. She even starred in 30 of his episodes on various programs. With the luck of Autry’s projects, Davis was offered a spin-off of her own, which was produced by his company.

In truth, she mastered horseback riding and was a trick shot. She performed in Autry's traveling rodeo, and was quoted as saying, "So far as I'm concerned, I'm going to be Annie Oakley for the rest of my born days."

Bonanza Season Seven

October 23rd 2014 01:37
bonanza,tv show,hit show,dvd,movies

Bonanza the Official Seventh Season Value Pack is a real treat because, if you are familiar with the show, you know it’s a great classic TV series. The technical details of all 33 episodes, they produced that many shows in one season, back then, is digitally re-mastered and restored from 35mm film elements. The show looks so good and clear. There are other production values as well. Makeup and clothing texture are really remarkable, the picture and sound quality are excellent.

Next is the bonus features. This set makes the purchase worth it just for these features.

Here are some of the features that caught my attention:

-- Michael Dante’s memories – filmed at Bonanza convention in Burbank, shares his memories of the Bonanza cast, a near-calamity while filming, and he was consider for the role Adam Cartwright.

-- A fascinating, complete interview with Dan Blocker from 1965. The interview is nothing like his character in Bonanza. He articulates and is intelligent with comments on the recent 1964 presidential election. He even offers acting advance about how he finds his character every morning and leaves him at the studio every night, and talks about Pernell Roberts.

– DVD Executive Producer, historian and Bonanza expert Andrew J. Klyde provides lots sentient information, relating to behind-the-scenes and tidbits in his Ride the Wind audio commentary. He shares some great stories told to him by various people who were there.

-- Ride the Wind” was released as a feature film outside the U.S. in 1966. This set includes the rarely seen full-length film, and its trailer. This feature is a real gem.

-- A whole bunch of cool, never-before-seen and behind-the-scenes, episodic and publicity photos and accompanying many episodes and photos.

Pernelll Roberts, who played Adam Cartwright, left the series after season six, so you will not see him in this season. The show still maintained its status as the number one show in the nation.

Here are some episodes that stood out for me: The Lonely Runner and The Other Son, with terrific guest stars – Ed Bigley and Gilbert Roland -- and featuring spectacular location footage at Lake Tahoe, Wayne Newton’s dramatic debut in The Unwritten Commandment, the delightful comedy The Meredith Smith (Robert Colbert, Strother Martin, Burt Mustin), and precarious Marie Windsor in the thrilling Five Sundowns to Sunup.

Dynasty the Final Season

October 22nd 2014 00:52
dynasty,tv shows,dvd,celebrities

Dynasty fans have been waiting for a long time, and now the wait is over. Dynasty's final season is now on DVD!
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Fun Movies for Kids

October 19th 2014 16:17
The holidays are coming up, and it’s time to think about DVDs for the little ones. You want them busy and entertained with great lessons from movies that are wholesome. Here are three that I think will fill that void.

little penguin,kids movies,dvd,holidays

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Perry Mason Movies

October 14th 2014 13:27
I introduced another Perry Mason movie collection some time ago and spoke highly of the DVD set. Below are three move movie collections each as their own DVD. I hope you get a chance to watch a Perry Mason movie, and enjoy the fine casting and storylines.

perry mason, barbara hale, collection

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Audrey Hepburn Collection

October 13th 2014 01:21
audrey hepburn collection,sabrina,

Anyone who knows me knows I have said countless times that Audrey Hepburn should have made more movies. When an actress has a persona like Audrey, people take notice, and a star is born overnight. Her first America movie with Gregory Peck, directed by William Wyler, was clearly her break out role. She was a star, celebrity overnight. One could easily notice she was destined to be a movie star. Though Roman Holiday is one of my favorite Hepburn movies, it is not one of the three movies in Audrey Hepburn Collection

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Grace Kelly Collection

October 8th 2014 13:54

Cowboys, Assassins, Gangsters

October 7th 2014 04:45
The three movies below are quickly reviewed with the understanding that they might be something you might want to see on cable, as a rental or on demand. The last one is my favorite.

river of skulls,gold rush,woman,dvd

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Perry's The Single Mom's Club

October 5th 2014 00:16
tyler perry,single mom's club,dvd

I usually don’t go to movie theaters to see a Tyler Perry’s movie. I thought The Single Mom’s Club was going to be totally silly. Boy was I ever wrong. Perry delves into some common issues for single mothers. Most of those issues were challenging. The stress and hardships single mothers deal with from within and from without. Parenting is challenging enough without being single

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