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Mumfie's Quest The Movie

August 20th 2014 01:32
mumfie's quest the movie,dvd,kids

Mumfie’s Quest The Movie is simply produced, yet very innocent as a story. This movie is totally made for children with no adult humor. The parents can set back and watch how their children enjoy it for their own entertainment.


I watched the movie for the first time, and fell in love with the part when the when Scarecrow and Mumfie hug each other not just once or twice, but three times. That scene is great for kids. The Scarecrow and Mumfie seems to be kids two most favorite characters. The other characters are good, and they include the pirates and a bad guy, who is a secretary. The secretary seems creepy to the kids. Still, Mumfie’s Quest The Movie is a great adventure. I am sure some kids wish they could have an adventure like he did.

kids movie,family movie,mumfie

The songs in the movie are catchy too. I even heard the kids singing them or humming them while they played. Animation seemed a bit lacking, but the kids don’t know that. Only someone like me who notices things like animation quality.

movie,kids,dvd,mumfie's quest

All in all, it is a very special story and can be enjoyed by kids and their parents.

Wahlburgers Season 1

August 17th 2014 00:26
walburgers season 1,mark wahlberg

Some folks probably loved the Wahlburgers. Though the season wasn’t long, some felt it was very entertaining. Donny stands out as being a favorite and now with Jenny McCarthy with him, it’s just too good to say “nay.”

mccarthy,jenny mccarthy,donnie

There is an interesting take on their mom, who some would say is funny. Then, then there is Paul, who kind of adds a different flavor to the mix. The reality TV show was not renewed after the second season, so the DVD of the first season is out now.

dvd,reality tv,entertainment,wahlberg

Mark's "entourage" - they call "Nacho" – can rub you wrong if you let him. That guy is gross. He eats anything, including dirt. Why is Mark’s entourage in the show? They need their SAG card? Mark being a successful actor of film seems out of place in the series. How can we view him as a real person now? Donny, Paul, and their mom make show entertaining.

The reality TV show follows the burger joint called Wahlburgers, the hopeful business of Paul Wahlberg, brother to actors Donnie and Mark.

mother wahlberg,donne,mark,dvd

Season one only has 9 episodes, which isn’t really much of a series. The premise of the story is the family restaurant business. It is looking to expand, and Paul is weighed down with a new assistant. Paul would rather not have the assistant, but we need a story for the show, hence.


More storylines are offered as well. What’ll happen when their mother is left to run the restaurant? What crazy clowning around will the Wahlberg brothers create when they demand Paul to take a day off? Another storyline is their mother cleaning the garage and finding an embarrassing childhood keepsake of Donnie and Mark.

Also included in the DVD package are nine short featurettes never seen before on television, and that’s it.

robin williams,dvd,movies,angriest

It’s kind of odd for me to review a movie starring Robin Williams, who just passed away. I want to write a great review and say, “See the movie, and stream it!”

I will say the movie has poignant points. Wonderful acting is its savior. The humor is not really funny. It is more about getting the message. Far from what we are used to seeing in Robin Williams movies--its message is worth noting. The movie’s pacing is slow, seeing Williams on the screen is well worth it. The guy is brilliant.

angriest man in brooklyn,dvd,robin

The character he plays is not a likable, charming, volatile, hilarious guy we are so used to seeing in most his films.Angriest Man in Brooklyn is different, not a mainstream movie. It was a bold move by Williams and the other actors in the movie.

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson, who mastered Field of Dreams, explores what happens to an individual who is given a very short time to live because of a terminal diagnosis.

Phil Alden Robinson,dvd,williams

Williams plays Henry Altmann, after a family flashback used as an intro to the movie, is experiencing an awful day - caught in New York traffic. Crashing into a taxi, he unleashes wrath on the immigrant cab driver, including racial epithets. Henry is trying everything in his power to make someone’s day worse than his own.

Mila Kunis plays Dr. Sharon Gill brilliantly and spot on. I love watching her work. The doctor informs Henry he has a brain aneurysm. Henry speaks angrily to the doctor asking her how much time he has left to live. The doctor’s patience snaps out “90 minutes.” Henry bursts out medical office with butt hanging out of his hospital gown.

Mila Kunis,robin williams,brooklyn

The craziness begins with Henry trying to live his final 90 minutes as best he can with so many uncompleted issues with family, old friends and business that it’s just impossible. There is no way Henry can close his life in 90 minutes. The movie has potential and some folks might like it.

James Earl Jones has a small part as a stuttering store clerk, who ticks off Henry even more.

Williams tragic ending needs to be mentioned because the movie is about a character’s death. His tragic death is very sad. Please don’t blame Williams’ artist talent for his demise. His talent was unique and over the top. The guy is a genius.

He had some personal issues that were not address properly. If he had received the right kind of help, he would be with us today. But, how he wanted to handle his personal problems was his choice. Who he wanted to trust was his choice. His artist talent wasn't a factor.

Michael Pena as Chavez

August 13th 2014 03:46
chavez,michael pena,dvd,moive,

I am not Spanish or Mexican, but Cesar Chavez, is a good movie for those, like me, who knows nothing about his life and what he did for Mexican farmers. I suggest you watch it with friends and family

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Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger

August 9th 2014 16:22

Sabotage, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, delivers and action pack movie with dialog at times a little too stilled. But, don’t get me wrong. There are moments in the movie the hit the mark more than miss the mark

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dwayne johnson, hercules, history

Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules arrived in the movies theaters at the same time, the History Channel and Lionsgate offered three distinct shows on a DVD exploring the man, the myth, and the legend. Taking a look at the shows, I can honestly say excellent anthology of history with a broad tough mythology that entertains and even puts the whole subject in perspective

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day late and dollar short, whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg stars in A Day Late and a Dollar Short. It’s a movie women should want to watch because it is a movie that was on Lifetime. If you didn’t get a chance to catch it or your DVR wasn’t working for you. You can now get the movie on DVD

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100 Years of WWI from History

July 7th 2014 17:09

Anyone who is interested in the history of World War I will engage themselves in 100 YEARS OF WWI from HISTORY. The 2-disc anniversary set takes you on the most comprehensive look at the tragic war

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Antboy Silly Superhero Movie

July 6th 2014 02:26
antiboy,superhero,the flea,kids movie

Antboy needs to be watch with an open mind and a willingness to throw the shadow of disbelief out the door. We meet Pelle, a shy boy, who is only twelve. He has been bitten by an awfully extraordinary ant

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Wings: Sky Force Heroes

July 1st 2014 00:00
wings,family movie,hilary duff,dvd

“Wings: Sky Force Heroes” has an all-star voice over cast that adds creditability to the movie about a top-flight group of planes and their cohorts that are robots. Coined rescue heroes, the team or planes and robots help other planes that are in danger

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