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day late and dollar short, whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg stars in A Day Late and a Dollar Short. It’s a movie women should want to watch because it is a movie that was on Lifetime. If you didn’t get a chance to catch it or your DVR wasn’t working for you. You can now get the movie on DVD.

lifetime,dvd,movie,whoopi goldberg

A Day Late and a Dollar Short touching story comes from the novel by Terry McMillan. I have never read her work, but after seeing this movie I am seriously thinking of picking up one of her books. Watching this movie, I laughed and chuckled and ever belly laughed a few times.

tv movie,adult movie, day late,review

I even became a little angst at the decisions the characters took on the storyline. Underlining the fact people in our lives does have flaws – life is not a cookie cutter or simple mathematical equation. Our decisions or imperfections can adversely influence other people in our lives – even destroy someone’s life. Watching this movie you may find yourself crying or getting angry because of what the characters do – even so to the point of being shocked.

family,dvd,lifetime,black movie,drama

Paris (Anika Noni Rose) and Shanice (Shanice Banton) were going through some ordeals that are hard to swallow. Viola (Whoopi Goldberg) had to put up with them is unbelievable. At times, I found myself saying, “I am glad I am not them.” There were so many issues coming in the storyline. It was hard for me to believe the situations were actually real. Sure, people make mistakes, learn lessons and roller coaster. I kept thinking, “Why should Viola go through this experience with her family.” It seems everybody hates her, yet she is trying to correct. A Day Late and a Dollar Short was an emotional viewing experience.

lifetime,dvd,movie,whoopi goldberg

The line from the movie, "There's a whole lot of mess I have to clean up before I go" says it all. Viola is most appropriate for a family that has fallen apart. Kind of sad and sappy if you think about it long enough.

100 Years of WWI from History

July 7th 2014 17:09

Anyone who is interested in the history of World War I will engage themselves in 100 YEARS OF WWI from HISTORY. The 2-disc anniversary set takes you on the most comprehensive look at the tragic war.


The brutal statistics of the war left 15 million dead; 20 million injured, and changed battle tactics forever. If you are not familiar with WW I you discover watching the DVD that gone was traditional man-to-man combat, with its small guns and sneak attacks by ground troops.

war,world war,history,education,dvd

Exploiting the critical industrial know-how of combustion engines, airplanes, and even the camera, WWI introduced the ever so tragic and brutal weapons of mass destruction: armored tanks, chemical weapons, submarines, and the aerial bombardments of cities. Clearly HISTORY developed a detailed presentation using experts, eyewitness testimony, and interesting archival re-creations. The series explores the deadly mix of weapons setting a precedent definition of modern warfare and paralyzed the world with fear and intimidation.

world war I,ww 1,history,dvd,education

The series keeps the viewer interested as it explores the weapons that were developed and behold the gut wrenching devastation they left behind. I was quite impressed with the meeting of the first dogfighters who, in acrobatic encounters, developed many of the tactics and strategies still used today, including a German ace known as "The Red Baron."


It was hard for me to imagine a clear understanding how people born into a simpler age learned to deal with the destructive engine of total war.

As a bonus to the series is the newly released History Special WWI – The First Modern War.

Antboy Silly Superhero Movie

July 6th 2014 02:26
antiboy,superhero,the flea,kids movie

Antboy needs to be watch with an open mind and a willingness to throw the shadow of disbelief out the door. We meet Pelle, a shy boy, who is only twelve. He has been bitten by an awfully extraordinary ant.

Just like the Spiderman tale, Pelle forms superpowers. As a twelve-year old, it’s a bit different compared to the Spiderman story. Pelle needs to plot a course carefully through the awkward moments as a kid his age with superpowers.

kids movie,family movie,antboy

His friend Wilhelm helps him out. Wilhelm is fanatic about comic books and understands the genre so much so that he helps Pelle create a secret identity, and his altered ego becomes Antboy. Now, with his secret identity, Antboy is climbing walls, flipping cars, stopping robbers and saving babies. He is living his dream.

The fearsome villain, The Flea, arrives in the story, and Antboy is challenged to save the day as a superhero. The Flea kidnaps a young girl that Pelle feels affection toward. The Flea also terrorizes the small town. Anitboy must save the girl and the town.

the flea,kid superhero,dvd review

“Will Antboy save the day and still be home for dinner?” – The clever promotional line on the cover of the DVD.

Keep in mind, the movie is silly but fun for kids and the whole family. We don’t see a lot of unnecessary violence that parades in other superhero movies. Antboy is fun and charismatic. Such notable silliness is

Antiboy craves sugar. His utility belt is stuffed with soda and candy. He is an ant after all.

superhero kid,movies,dvd review

His jaws are super strong and can tear through anything, even a math textbook. Antboy is like an ant that excretes corrosive substance with acid in his urine, and uses it as a corrosive by peeing through doors and walls.

the flea,kid superhero,dvd review

Antboy is fun, but don’t take it too seriously.

Wings: Sky Force Heroes

July 1st 2014 00:00
wings,family movie,hilary duff,dvd

“Wings: Sky Force Heroes” has an all-star voice over cast that adds creditability to the movie about a top-flight group of planes and their cohorts that are robots. Coined rescue heroes, the team or planes and robots help other planes that are in danger

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Nicolas Cage Stands Out in 'Joe'

June 16th 2014 21:33
nicolas cage,joe,tye Sheridan,move

Nicolas Cage stars in Joe, which is coming out on DVD, tomorrow. This is not a family movie, but a story of a flawed hero who finds redemption, even though he wasn’t looking for it

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Jerry Lewis Madcap Talent

June 12th 2014 23:14
jerry lewis, nutty professor, warner bros.

Jerry Lewis will always be a true class act that is very hard to follow. He has been followed by many, many comedians. Watch his movies and you will see several similarities among our funny guys today. Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey have learned from Lewis

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In Secret a Tragic Love Story

May 15th 2014 21:20
jessica lange, tragic story, zola, dvd

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to watch this movie?” Reason for such a question is because In Secret is a dark erotic romance that takes place during 1880s Paris lower class. In a nut shell, the movie is a disturbing story

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civil war, documentary, dvd, review

Smithsonian's Take on the Civil War

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Zero Charisma Gamers Relate

May 15th 2014 00:07

You are going to laugh so hard when you see this move. It is worth the rent or purchase if you love movies about nerds and gamers

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chuggington, kids dvd, koto, trains

How exciting we have a female train in our midst! She's built for speed and loves a challenge

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